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Meet the new Serie Expert POWERMIX

Serie Expert Powermix is an in-salon personalised treatment which is an Instant Hair Fix for you! Experience a freshly mixed masque just for your hair.

Discover Serie Expert


New Bespoke In-Salon Treatments With Powermix

Powermix is the 1st in-salon personalised masque highly concentrated in pure ingredients, freshly mixed at the last minute to instantly transform hair.


New & Iconic Série Expert

As we advance towards the digital era, the world is witnessing a sudden rise in the standard of living. Consumers are becoming more discerning and progressively individualistic. From food, to fashion, to cosmetics, “bespoke” is everywhere. Every woman’s hair is unique and demands a tailor-made solution for her problems depending on hair type, past treatment and beauty routines.

Created to bring out the beauty in every woman’s hair and offer personalised haircare solution, L’Oréal Professionnel has reimagined its iconic range of hair care – SÉRIE EXPERT.

The innovative range offers ideal solutions for every haircare need with the revolutionary POWERMIX – the first ever bespoke professional masque, freshly mixed for you at the salon to provide instant restoration of hair health. The all new Série Expert at-home range comes with a new packaging that is more modern, premiumised and environmentally friendly.